• 2022/08/28 Our abstract on the cross-ancestry analysis of rare variants associated with Alzheimer’s disease is selected for oral presentation at the American Society of Human Genetics annual conference in Los Angeles in October. Also our abstract on variable selection methods in functional data is featured “Reviewers’ Choice Abstract” (top 10% of poster abstracts).
  • 2022/08/15 Welcome to Xuanhe Chen! Xuanhe is a MS candidate in Biostatistics. She joins the lab as student research assistant after completing her rotation with us.
  • 2022/07/30 Farewell to our postdoc Hyeonju Kim, who joined us during the pandamics. Hyeonju has a degree in Statistics with a postdoc training in statistical genetics in plants, before join our group. She is now a Statistician at FDA.
  • 2022/05/08 Welcome to Tabassum Fabiha (Fabiha)! Fabiha is an undergraduate student in computer science who has worked with us for over a year and now officially joins the lab as a student research assistant.
  • 2022/04/15 Congraduations to our master students Anmol Singh and Amanda Tsai for accepting their offers to join PhD programs this Fall, at Northwestern (Anmol) and University of Washington in Seattle (Amanda).


  • 2021/09/06 We are excited to officially welcome Hao Sun and Yuqi Miao to the group! Hao was a master student in the lab and is now a staff scientist. Yuqi was also a master student and now first year PhD student in Biostatistics.
  • 2021/08/30 Our lab is finally live and open at the new office space on the 19th floor of the Presbyterian Building – after over 17 months of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic!