There are two networks in the office area: guest-net and mercury. The former is easy to connect but is outside CUMC network and disconnects after periods of inactivity; sometimes it takes a few tries before a connection can be established. The latter is within the CUMC network, stable connection but takes some efforts to set up.

mercury network setup

  • Here are the instructions to connect from iphone/ipad.
  • For MacOS, use Safari broswer to open and follow instructions to install both the certificate and profile. To complete Profile installation you may need to open up the System Preference and search for Profiles, open it. You should see the CU profile loaded but not installed. Click on “install” to complete the setup.
  • For personal laptop to access the HPC cluster you must connect to “Mercury”. To do so, first connect “Guest-net” to ensure you can open a web page, then visit and follow the instructions.
  • If you need help setting your laptop with Mercury connection, you can bring it to the CUMC IT office in the Hammer Building (701 W 168th St) on LG1. You may need to check in on a screen which is straightforward. The IT staff can help you trouble shoot and connect.


Rui Dong and Ru Feng