How to write a github issue

Discussion, new ideas, exchange of thoughts

  1. First, describe your motivation – why are you proposing something? what’s wrong with existing solution?
  2. Intuition behind your proposed solution – why do you think it will work?
  3. Feasibility of your solution – how long does it take to implement? Is it simple enough as a proof of concept that can be further developed into more sophisticated solutions?

Template for bug reports

This is when you think you are doing it correctly as instructed in the documentation, but the code does not work as expected – so already you can see there are three elements in this: your implementation, your expectation, and the actual wrong behavior. Since you might have already done something very specific that resulted in the bad behavior – you ran into a “corner case”, so to speak; and you even made some attempts to fix it. So it is also very important you show us exactly what you’ve done, as specific as possible – never just say something like this: “I ran the code but got an error message. What should I do?”. No one can respond to that!

But before you report the bug, please at least try to diagnose and fix it by yourself first. At least, search online and have some idea what might be wrong, before you open a ticket.

It would be very help if you provide some minimal working example (MWE) when you report a bug to others.

Below is a template to report a bug:

## Issue description

## What's the expected result?


## What's the actual result?


## Steps to reproduce the issue


(zip and drag to upload a minimal test data-set used to reproduce the issue)

## What do I think is the problem?

Guess or suggest something, or say "I do not know" if you really do not have an idea.

## What did I do in my own attempt to fixing the issue?

### Attempt 1

According to [this article]() I found line, I tried .... (describe what you tried), but it still failed ... (describe how it failed)

### Attempt 2


## Additional details / screenshot / links

- ![Screenshot]()