Open Jobs

Here I keep a list of job openings in my group as well as my colleagues / collaborators.

Postdoctoral research scientists in the Center for Statistical Genetics at Columbia Neurology

Postdoctoral positions posted upon request of our collaborators and friends

Graduate students

Visiting students and scholars

Please contact Gao Wang for opportunity of visiting scholarship, if you are interested in our research, fluent in English, and have a computational background.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Do you recruit PhD students?

If you are already a Columbia PhD student, I believe it is in general possible to work with me regardless of your departmental affiliations, although we will need to discuss with your home department academic program administrators and directors about completing your thesis project in my group if you would like to do that.

For potential incoming PhD students: my primary appointment is at the Department of Neurology, with joint appointment at the Gertude H. Sergievsky Center for Neuroepidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center. The Department of Neurology does not have a computational biology or statistical genetics PhD program. I work closely with the Department of Biostatistics where I mentor master and PhD students. Although it is possible to work with me as a PhD student through the Biostatistics PhD program, you will have to be admitted to the program in the first place. Notice that unlike PhD programs in some other universities where the intention of faculty members to recruit a particular student can have a strong impact in the decision of admission, here on the Columbia Medical Campus, faculty members have little influence on the admission decision to our PhD programs.

For visiting PhD students with your own funding source: please email me your CV and a statement of intent. Here are some FAQ I have received for visiting student & scholar inquiries.

  • Could you write me a reference letter for my job applications?

I will be happy to provide letters of recommendation for your applications upon request, if you have productively worked with me for more than 6 months on one of our research projects. Unfortunately it would be difficult for me to write a reference letter merely based on your classroom performance where your research skills cannot be thoroughly assessed.